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We live in a time in which we remain hyper-connected with our friends and family, but many times, our current relationships do not go beyond a “message,” a “audio” a “hello”, a “like” for our social networks.

You ever really think about how often do you meet with these special people?, Do you feel a little disconnected/or your friends/os?...

Don't worry,

En Top secret Spa, creamos la Experiencia Friends para que disfrutes con tu mejor amiga/o la felicidad de compartir un tiempo de bienestar, relajación y belleza, en un lugar íntimo y diferente, preparado exclusivamente para que puedan reencontrarse, vivir momentos de calidad y fortalecer los vínculos de amistad, a pesar del paso del tiempo.

A way of living new experiences, and divertivas, is to treat ourselves to a spa day with the people we love. Now, it is time to choose who to fill your energy and raise your spirit.

El precio es por persona. El mínimo de compra para esta experiencia es de 2.

Benefits of treatment

This experience includes:

• Immersion and delicate bathing of the feet with water, rose petals, mineral salts and a session of foot reflexology.

• Choice session of rejuvenation in the chamber of collagen or log on to the electric massager for feet.

• Hidratación facial, limpieza preliminar, pulido facial, crioterapia, masaje manual con maniobras profundas anti-age y relajantes para descansar la zona orbicular.

• Exfoliation and relaxing body massage.

• Ends with a delicious tea-farewell, to renew energies.


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