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Con Débito o Crédito
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Have you had a long day exploring the city or a tiring journey? We understand, and we are here to offer you the perfect retreat.

In our spa, you'll be able to release stress and rejuvenate mind and body. We invite you to disconnect, to give you a time for you, and get you ready to tackle your next adventure with renewed energy.

What are you waiting with open arms to allow you to recover your vitality and make you feel ready to take on the world!

In this ritual, you can choose between a relaxing massage or a deep tissue massage:

• Relaxing massage: massage of medium pressure, your main objective is to provide a state of tranquility, quiet, relaxing, and full disconnect, by means of harmonious movements, soft and repetitive throughout the body.

• Deep tissue massage: a Type of pressure massage strong, directed to specific areas of the body that suffer greater stress and pain. It is ideal to relax muscles, relieve stiffness and excessive stresses in the body.

Benefits of treatment

This experience includes:

• Aromatherapy.

• Exfoliation and relaxing body massage, or descontraturante.

• Ends with a delicious tea-farewell, to renew energies.


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