Deep cleansing facial


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Facial cleansing that oxygenates, detoxifica, purifies and hydrates the skin, to get a skin looking fresh, healthy, radiant and bright.

Protocol designed for all skin types, not only is it highly effective in improving the overall health of the skin, but also great for correcting fine lines and wrinkles, evenness and brightness of the tone, texture and hyperpigmentation, oily and congested skin, enlarged pores and advanced signs of aging.

During the treatment, extractions are performed and removal of impurities, massage and manual maneuvers deep moisturizing and soothing to rest the orbicular area, and sign in with the HIDROFACIAL, technology that helps to stimulate the natural restoration of the skin, no pain or ill, through the combination of four technologies of last generation: Aqua peeling, ion face lift, radio frequency and ultrasound.

Benefits of treatment

This experience includes:

• Choice session of rejuvenation in the chamber of collagen or log on to the electric massager for feet.

• Deep cleansing Facial.

• Facial massage with manual maneuvers deep anti-age and relaxing to rest the orbicular area.

• Sesión con la hidrofacial.

• Ends with a delicious tea-farewell, to renew energies.


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