Hand bath and foot bath

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Did you know that?

The hands are the means that allows us to express ourselves in the world, the external manifestation of the internal capacity to handle our reality and our experiences.

Por otro lado, los pies en su contexto global representan emocionalmente, la conexión con la “madre tierra” y, por ende, están relacionados con la madre o la función materna, es decir, con aquello que signifique “la madre” para una persona.

In this sense, we have created an experience especially dedicated to the care of your hands and your feet, these parts are so important for our body and that rarely offer them special pampering.

Benefits of treatment

This experience includes:

• Hand bath, exfoliation, massage and hydration of the hands.

• Foot bath, soak, and bathing of the feet with water from rose petals and mineral salts, session of foot reflexology and hydration.


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